Spiritual Aspects of Yoga


1 Day


9am - 4pm


$170 per person

Workshop Objectives

  • Understanding the principles of Yoga and Meditation
  • Application of Yogic practice in daily life 
  • Achieving better health with Yogic Practices 
  • Holistic attitude towards life - Mind Body and Spirit


Participants will receive a Statement of Attendance.  Participants who complete the workshop may choose to continue onto the following nationally recognised units:

  • HLTAYV412C (part of the Advanced Diploma and Certificate IV in Ayurveda qualifications) - The use of basic yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation techniques;

  • HLTAYV404D (part of the Certificate IV Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation) - Yoga and Meditation in daily practices.

Workshop Program

  • Five elemental arrangements of the body
  • Five sheaths of the human body
  • Determine Yoga according to your constitution 
  • Ayurvedic lunch - understanding each constitution and eating the correct food according to each constitution
  • Lifestyle of a Yogi - reducing the effects of stress and enjoying a long, happy life
  • Application of daily yoga practice for health, fitness, stamina and flexibility 
  • Understanding the therapeutic effects of Yoga and how to pacify ailments through simple herbs.