The following information is a typical overview of the consultation procedures at Ayurveda Village.

What to do before a consultation:

  • It is desirable that consultations are conducted first thing in the morning. The heat, noise, and crowd all affect the quality of the pulse readings and thus this time ideal where possible.
  • You will be required to complete a Lifestyle Evaluation form and bring it with you on your consultation day.
  • You should not have eaten for at least 4 hours before having a pulse diagnosis. However, a drink is allowed.
  • Please tell us ahead of the consultation if you are taking any medication as we may require this to be temporarily suspended for a few hours prior to the diagnosis. This does not include life-support medicines.

What happens during a consultation?

  • The principles and philosophy of Ayurveda will be explained in general to you, so you will understand the diagnosis/prognosis
  • Thereafter Pulse reading and Diagnosis/personal interview are carried out. Once the pulse reading has been taken a brief explanation as to the meaning and condition of the pulses will be given
  • A comprehensive Food list containing information on Food dietetics (items of food that you may eat) that is correct for your Vikriti (current imbalanced state) will be provided and other pertinent instructions will also be given. You will also be provided with a relevant constitution analysis to study

What happens after a consultation?

  • After the session you will receive a an individualised treatment recommendation by email. These will clearly state the course of action needed. It is then your decision as to whether you go further
  • Special Herbal support formulas are prepared for the individual.

How long is the consultation?

  • The consultation will be 60 minutes in length.